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Larry Crabb, Silence of Adam – Discussion Questions

These are questions our men’s cell group used in our study of Silence of Adam. We found that reading only one chapter wasn’t enough content, and the material started to get redundant if we didn’t move quickly enough. The first several chapters are especially light on Scripture but it gets better as the book moves on. […]

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High Noon Challenge Group Discussion

The original High Noon challenge group discussion idea was birthed by Joe McCallum and passed on to us by Ben Foust. We’re not sure who came up with these discussion questions, but here are the ones that we used for our men’s challenge group, along with images of the different characters to aid the discussion. The […]

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Starter Packet

Topics to cover with a new believer You should try to complete this study in about 2-3 months, depending on how quickly you move through the material and how many questions the person has.  The scriptures listed are suggestions only – please pick and choose which would be most applicable to the new believer. The […]

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