High Noon Poster

The original High Noon challenge group discussion idea was birthed by Joe McCallum and passed on to us by Ben Foust. We’re not sure who came up with these discussion questions, but here are the ones that we used for our men’s challenge group, along with images of the different characters to aid the discussion. The movie runs 85 minutes, so be sure to start early enough to leave time for discussion.

Pre-movie: As we watch this movie, lets pay special attention to what we can learn about leadership


  • What did you think the theme was?
  • Why do you think Will Kane fought?
  • See the High Noon Characters and for each character ask: Why didn’t they fight? What you think they needed to learn about leadership?
  • Further discussion or reflection on the characters
    • Which characters do you most identify with?
    • How does this weakness play out in your life?
    • What Scriptures could help fortify us as we stand in to fight?
    • What are some action steps we can take this week?