Teaching Resources


Teaching Essentials – James Rochford

  • Why is teaching important?
  • Memorable main message
  • Antithesis
  • Discussion
  • Burden
  • Humor
  • Storytelling
  • Analogies
  • Gospel presentation
  • Encouragement for the teacher

Teaching Structure – James Rochford

  • Introduction
  • Keeping listener’s attention
  • Wrapping up/conclusion
  • Making your call

Teaching Tune Ups – James Rochford

Temperamental Teaching Sins

Sermon Preparation from Pastoral Ministry by Chuck Smith

  • Nature of preaching
  • Preparation of the sermon
  • Delivery
  • Preacher’s audience
  • Difficulties in preaching



Teaching Narrative – Scott Risley

  • Video
  • Notes Week 1
  • Notes Week 2
  • Narrative Inductive Study Worksheet
  • Why teach narrative?
  • How to interpret narrative
  • Common mistakes
  • Presentation tips
  • Discussion Questions

HS Teaching Workshop – Shane Coulter

  • Email the study center for audio
  • 5 Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Lack of faith
  • Lack of clarity
  • Don’t create tension
  • Lame discussion
  • Lack of emphasis

Homiletic’s Class – Dwell

Leading in High School Ministry Class – Josh Bendaum & James Rochford

  • Audio
  • Who should teach?
  • Length
  • Feedback
  • Teaching prep
  • Delivery
  • Discussion

Persuasive Preaching XSI Workshop – Scott Risley

  • Burden
  • Goal of persuasion
  • Ethos
  • Logos
  • Pathos

Leading Dynamic Discussion – John Ross

  • Why teach through discussion?
  • Creating questions
  • Where to put questions in your outline
  • Guiding discussion

Teaching Through Group Discussion – Ben Foust

  • Theory, definition, assessment
  • Preparing guided discussion
  • Conducting guided discussion
  • Responding, correcting, discerning during group discussion

Preparing Spiritually to Communicate God’s Word – Gary DeLashmutt

  • I have God’s approval
  • I have God’s word
  • God’s Spirit will help me
  • God’s authority over Satan

South CT Social: Antithesis – Josh Benadum

Sequoia Teaching Workshop 2023 – Keira Williamson

  • NT view of teaching
  • Study
  • Flow of thought (story/argument)
  • Questions to ask after you finished your outline
  • Tapping into God’s power


Study/Outline Worksheets


Inductive Study Resources

Hermeneutics Class – Dwell

Guidelines for First Time CT Teachers

Discussion Question Templates

Book Outlines

Prepared to Preach by Greg Scharff

6 Questions for inductive study
1. What is preaching?
2. God prepares preachers
3. We who preach still need to prepare
4. The necessity and centrality of prayer
5. Preparing (or repairing) your relationship with God
6. Relationships with other people and your behavior
7-9. Preparing your mind
10. Preparing your body
11. Preparing the congregation to hear and obey God’s word
12. Preparing the message
13. Submitting to the text
14. Letting the text has it’s say
15. Working to make the message clear
16. Preaching through to the heart
17. Preparing to deliver the message
18. Preparing yourself to deliver the message

Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson

Tools for the trade- outline from study to sermon
1. The case for expository preaching
2. What’s the big idea?
3. Tools of the trade
4. The road from text to sermon
5. The arrow and the target
6. The shapes sermons take
7. Making dry bones live
8. Start with a band and quit all over
9. The dress of thought
10. How to preach so people will listen

Christ Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell

Principles for expository preaching

  1.  Word and witness
  2. Obligations of the sermon
  3. The priority of the text
  4. Components of exposition

Preparation of expository sermons

  1. The process of explanation
  2. Outlining and structure
  3.  The pattern of illustration
  4. The practice of application
  5. Introductions, conclusions, and transitions

A theology of Christ-centered messages

  1. Redemptive approach to preaching
  2. Developing redemptive sermons

Let the Earth Hear His Voice by Greg Scharf

  1.  Preaching as God speaking through people: a biblical and theological rational
  2.  The bottlenecks
    1.  Little faith
    2. The unqualified or disqualified preacher
    3. Faulty text selection
    4. Inadequate understanding of the preaching passage
    5. Inadequate contextualization to the preaching situation
    6. Faulty organization
    7.  Inadequate or overused illustration
    8. Flawed delivery

Between Two Worlds by John Stott

Condensed Outline (Preparing Sermons)

  1. The glory of preaching: a historical sketch
  2. Contemporary objections to preaching
  3. Theological foundations for preaching
  4. Preaching as bridge-building
  5. The call to study
  6. Preparing sermons
  7. Sincerity and earnestness
  8. Courage and humility

Preaching and Preachers by D. Martin Lloyd-Jones