Challenge Group

Here are some studies Chris and I have done with our challenge groups

Watch and discuss High Noon

Most of Chuck Smith’s Pastor’s Textbook

“Prayer As Work” chapter from Hallesby, Prayer

“Under His Wings” chapter from Hallesby, Under His Wings

Chapters 1-3 from Bill Lawrence, Effective Pastoring

Andrew Murray, Absolute Surrender – whole book (Some parts were a little slow. We think we’d only cover selected chapters next time)

Bonhoeffer, Life Together, Chapter 1

Powers, Christian Leadership (selected chapters)

D Michael Henderson, John Wesley’s Class Meeting – whole book

Thomas Graham, Leadership Development: An Empowerment Model (The Center for Organizational and Ministry Development, 1995), pp. 1-10

Listen to and discuss this teaching from Ryan Lowery

Den’s teaching from his 2015 HC council on “Low vs. High Hanging Fruit”