Possible topics to explore in this teaching:

Genesis 3

Who is Satan and where did he come from?

How does Satan tempt Adam and Eve?

  • Distorting the word and denying the word
  • Asking questions to make God sound mean and controlling
  • See the three aspects of the world system in v. 6 – lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and the boastful pride of life (cf. John 2:15-17)
  • Contrast with Jesus facing these same three temptations in the wilderness (Matt 4)

Effects of the fall (see Schaeffer, Genesis in Space and Time)

  • Psychological alienation and shame (3:7 vs. 2:25)
  • Alienation from God (3:8)
  • Relational alienation (3:11-12, 16)
  • Ecological alienation (3:17-19)
  • Death (3:19, 22; cf. 2:16-17)

The protoevangelium (3:15)

Genesis 4

The effects of the fall. Family strife and the first murder (Cain and Abel)

Contrast Cain’s attitude/sacrifice with Abel’s. Heb 11 says the difference was that Abel offered his by faith, which means Cain must have done it by works.

Explore the relationship between our actions and our feelings (v. 6-7)

Reaction to Cain’s response to God (v. 8ff)